Violetas - Liner Notes

Patricia Zarate Pérez has made a very beautiful personal statement with her debut recording, Violetas. The album is a very organic, creative and intimate window into her soul. One can hear the depth of emotion for her beloved Chile, her family, and the deep bond with her husband, Danilo Pérez, who produced this recording and played the piano so masterfully on it. Patricia’s soulful saxophone playing includes, among other elements, a unique blend of folk music from her homeland, Chile, which you can hear in the rhythm of the 6/8 piece, Cueca. You can also hear the sounds of bebop, late Coltrane, funk and rap. There is also a protest piece - a song for her uncle, who tragically disappeared during Pinochet’s reign of terror in Chile. All of the music is transmitted with a powerful, searing sound that embodies passion and lyricism. There are also many vocal tracks that emphasize the storytelling on this recording. In fact, she tells her own life story with grace and strength throughout. Kudos to all the other musicians involved, who play and sing from their hearts as well.  

- Bendiciones,  

John Patitucci, Grammy Award Winning Bassist


Listen to track #2 Violetas - the song and name of the CD - for free!

Featuring Patricia Zarate Perez on alto sax, Lucia Pulido on voice, Danilo Perez on piano, Ben Street on bass and Adam Cruz on drums.